Terms and conditions

1. Right to trade and to return
You have the right to return all of the articles you ordered from our web shop without a report of reasons, within 14 working days after receiving your package. The purchase of items will be official after these 14 working days. Besides, take point 7, the right to return, into consideration before returning your items.
Take into account that returned articles have to be delivered back to us with the original stickers and labels on them. You must only have used the articles to try them on – the same would be customary in our local boutiques.
If the value of articles has decreased because the items were used for different reasons than described above, we will have the right to ask you for a reasonable fee.

2. Delivery / Shipping payments

Your order will be delivered to your home by an Intercity driver or PostNL.
As a rule, the delivery time of an article is 2-3 working days*.
Above € 19, you only pay € 1.95 shipping costs.
The Intercity Boutiques drivers deliver from Monday to Saturday (except holidays) in the North Holland North region (all places above Amsterdam, except the Wadden Islands)
PostNL delivers from Monday to Saturday (excluding holidays) Please note that in busy periods the delivery of the order can take a little longer

Pick up in one of the Intercity Boutiques (this option is currently not possible)
You can also choose to pick up your order in one of the boutiques (you then pay no shipping costs). The delivery time of an article is then 1-5 working days. No minimum amount is required for this.

EU Countries
Shipments of Intercityonline are delivered by PostNL. The average delivery time as well as the shipping costs inside of the EU may vary per country. You can see here the shipping terms for each country.

3. Delivery
We try our hardest to have all of our articles in stock. Nevertheless, it could happen that your order is not. In this case we will let you know as soon as possible.

4. Prices
The prices of your order will be those that are applied on the articles on the moment of ordering. All prices are BTW-included valid in law. 

5. Property restriction
All articles will remain property of Intercity until you have paid the whole bill.

6. Protection of personal information & creditors
Information that is needed to process your order will be saved and might be shared with the companies that are associated with us or companies that perform some of our services.
Intercity sets aside the right to analyze the information you have given us to be able to offer you an alternative payment method that will fit you better. Possible decisions and conclusions are not open for discussion.
Of course your personal information will be dealt with confidentially and we will take into account all of the legal rules stated about security of personal information and privacy.

7. Legal information about the right to return
Right to return
You have the right to return all of the received articles without a report of reasons, within 14 working days after receiving your package. The term for trading is 14 days. It will start when you received your order at home.
You will be able to make this term if you send us the items timely. Costs and risks of your return package will be at your own expenses. Articles have to be sent to:

Intercity Online
Mosselaan 71
1934 RA Egmond aan den Hoef

Consequences of returning
After we received your package, we will take care of your refund. If the value of the articles has decreased, we will be able to claim an extra fee, which will be subtracted from the amount of your refund. This fee will not apply when the value decline of an article only has to do with trying it on and checking it out, as it could happen in a local store as well.  

Returning at one of our local boutiques (this option is currently not possible) 
You can return your order to us with a prove of purchase and without a report of reasons within 7 working days.
If the value of an article has decreased, the store will be able to decline your return. If your return your order at one of our boutiques, you will receive a valued voucher that you can use at one of our boutiques. 

Right to trade with delivery of products

  1. With purchasing a product, a consumer will have the possibility to detach him-/herself from the deal without a report of reasons within 14 days. This 14 day-term will start when the consumer, or a represent that is known by the dealer, has received the product.
  2. During these 14 days, the consumer will be careful with the product and it’s wrapping. He/she will only unwrap or use the item as it might be necessary to assess it and to decide to keep it or to return it. If the consumer decides to return the article, he/she will have to retour the complete package in its original state and wrapping, as far as possible, to the dealer according to his/her reasonable and clear instructions.

8. Supply
All clothing is available in stock. However, it could happen that an article is temporarily out of stock, or it could even be sold out. If this is the case with your order, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You will have the right to cancel the order free of costs. In this case, we will take care of your refund.
If the delivery will take longer than 30 days, the costumer will have the right to detach him-/herself from the deal without a report of reasons.

9. Guarantee
Unless there is agreed clearly on something else, the legal Dutch guarantee definitions will be in order.

10. Applied right
The Dutch laws do apply on this website and in these general conditions.

11. Customer Card Intercity Boutiques
If you are in possession of a customer card of Intercity Boutiques, we request you to fill out your card number in the box “remarks” when you place an order at our site. We will add new points to your account.

12 Identity of the entrepreneur
Name entrepreneur: INTERCITY PARDOEN B.V.
Dealing by the name: INTERCITY ONLINE

Location & Visiting address:
Mosselaan 71
1934 RA Egmond aan den Hoef

Telephone number: 072-7600023 or whatsapp +31(0) 6 24756719
Office hours: Monday thru Saterday, 09.00 am – 17.30 pm
KVK number: 37053779
BTW number: NL810377809